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'Hello, Just wanted to let you know our order arrived today. Thank-you for your prompt service and quick reply to my enquiries, we weren’t expecting to receive it till just before or even after Christmas. Many thanks, '
Bron ( Queensland,Australia )

'I have received the order, thank you for the good service. Thanks,'
Rudi ( Belgium )

'Hi just received shoulder boards, thanks they're really good.'
Steve ( Dorset, England )

'visor cap arrived friday , it's amazing , by november i want to order an allgemeine officer hat , i'll place my order in the first week , once again thanks'
Juan ( New York, USA )

'Dear James Brown, delayed a week by customs inspection, box finally received with caps and articles wonderfully! Thank you soooooooo much again indeed. With best regards,'
Fang Ji ( Shanghai, China )

'Hi James, I've received yesterday the LW Generals tunic & breeches. Perfect, as usual for Michael's stuff. I'll probably place an order for the Luftwaffe "kleiner rock" tunic and long straight trousers soon. Thank you!'
Lorenzo ( Ravenna, Italy )

'Hello James, I just returned from overseas and got to open this package waiting for me. How amazing the quality! I am completely impressed with the result. Thank you for an amazing product and I will shop here again. Best Regards,'
Fred ( South Australia )

'Hi James, I am pleased to inform you I have received the M42 tunic. The cutting, sewing and the raw material of the jacket exceed all my expectations. The size of the tunic is also perfect. So I want to thank both Michael and you for the excellent work and product you offer to us. '
Luc ( Ile-de-France, Franc )

'Good afternoon James.I have just received my new Bergmutze and as usual it is a first rate product.Thank you for a first class service.Best regards,'
Trevor ( Lancashire, England )

'Thanks again James . The visor is perfect just like the last Waffen SS officers visor I purchased from you. '
Terence ( Durham, England )

'Hi James I received my NSDAP cap today, it's a very very good work !!! I can throw away my EREL visor caps. Thank's again and see you soon for other orders. Regards,'
Mathieu ( Riom, France )

'Today the box arrived perfectly, the cap in which was well worth waiting!'
Fang Ji ( Shanghai,China )

'Hello James, I received the package yesterday, very nice shoulder boards, as well as the cap Thanks James,'
George ( Switzerland )

'Hello James, I just received the jacket. Its perfect! Thank you very much. Kind regards, '
Jonas ( Switzerland )

'Thank you for the SS visor hat it arrived today and is perfect the work that has gone into this is unbelievable well worth the money it puts erels to shame and I do have four of them . I will be buying again maybe a waffen SS visor thank you again.'
Terence ( Durham, England )

'Dear Mr. Brown Visor arrived, thank you very much for your service and the quality of your merchandise. Regards,'
Stelios ( Greece )

'Hi James, I got my general's visor cap his morning in the post office. Very nice cap, it is the best copy i have ever seen before. German quality ! Best regards,'
Pierre ( Belgium )

'Hi James, The cap arrived as advised and its excellent; the badges are spot on. Many thanks '
Pete ( Staffs, England )

'Hello James, I received today my hat;very, very beautiful, as usual!!!!!!.Many thanks.'
Riccardo ( Bologna, Italy )

'Hello Mr.Brown, the km admirals cap is arrived, it's wonderful, thanks a lot again Very best regards'
Massimo ( Ancona, Italy )

'Greetings James, I have received my two caps today. I must say, though they cost more time and money than other repros, they're worth it. I can now throw away all my other repros!. Cheers,'
Griffyn ( Shanghai, China )

'James, The visor cap arrived, it is perfect! Thanks,'
Harold ( BC, Canada )

'Hi James, Kepi arrived thank you. Excellent as always. Best regards,'
Steve ( Monmouth, Wales )

'Hello James, just a quick note to let you know I received the 2 hats and all cap badges yesterday, all just beautiful, very happy and worth the wait. Thanks again I will make more order soon.'
'Stan' ( NSW, Australia )

'Mr. Brown, I can not thank you enough. The Goring hat is extremely fine. It puts all the other reproductions to shame. I could not be more pleased. You have made a loyal customer of me. Please express my thanks and accolades to Herr Janke, I am convinced he makes the best product of this sort, bar none. You did an excellent job of packaging the item. In every step of my shopping experience with you, you have demonstrated attention to detail, and most of all, that you care about your customers. Thanks Again.'
Andrew ( Texas, USA )

'Hello James, I received my Waffen-SS cap yesterday afternoon. Great quality and service !! I’m very satisfied ! Many thanks'
Patrick ( Canada )

'Just received my cap, Superb repro indeed, way better than Robert Lubstein. Hope I could see another Jankes SS repros coming. Thanks again, Keep up with good business. Best regards'
Kim ( South Korea )

'Hi James. 'Rommel' peaked cap has arrived safe and is lovely as usual. Many thanks. '
Norman ( Manchester, England )

'Picked cap up from the post office just now; absolutely delighted with it! Such incredible quality, fits perfectly, thanks so much. You’ve made me very happy!'
Robert ( Worthing, England )

'Dear James, The cap arrived two days ago and it perfectly fits me. Thank you very much for your efficient service. Later on I'll buy the insignias that correspond. Regards,'
Olivier ( France )

'I have my package (M43 trousers), perfect ! very top quality ! I like !'
Florian ( Yvetot, France )

'Well done! All properly as indicated !!! I took the package Thursday alle 12 and I could appreciate the quality. The workmanship of the cap (Tappo) !, which I proceeded to apply insignia and edelwaiss for superior officer .. hat is now gorgeous! many,many, thanks! See you next time! James'
Giovanni ( Italy )

'Hello, I received the Herman Göring cap monday. Great quality as always. I will order again soon. Best regards,'
William ( Brussels, Belgium )

'W-SS camo cap arrived today thanks - lovely print and beautifully made. As ever I'm delighted with Michael's work.'
Steve ( Monmouth, Wales )

'Received M43 trousers order today, GREAT ITEM!!!!!!! thanks a lot for the nice bussiness. I have made on Facebook good advertisment for your shop. Kind regards,'
Nick ( Antwerp, Belgium )

'Hi James, I 've got my FJ trousers.They're really beautiful and I really think they're the best FJ trousers that I've ever seen, very well made and of superb quality.Thanks a lot and congratulations for your professionalism. '
Riccardo. ( Bologna, Italy )

'Hi James, My A-SS Officers cap has arrived & I must say that it is superb & exceeds my estimations. Now looking forward to receiving my new order for the Rommel Schirmmutze. Thanks again, '
James ( Cheshire, England )

'Good Morning James.I have just received my Generals Einheitsfeldmutze,It is a brilliantly made item.It fits like a glove.Many thanks from a very satisfied customer. Comment received March 2015.'
Trevor ( Lancashire, England )

'James, Received my Luftwaffe white-top crush cap and it is beautiful and fits snuggly as intended. Thanks again for great products and ordering flexibility. Comment received March 2015. '
Don ( Baltimore, USA )

'Hello James,thank you for the Luftwaffe generals visor cap, superb! regards, - Comment received March 2015.'
Rob ( Devon, England )

'Dear Sir: Cap received. I am very pleased and happy. The repro is fantastic, wonderful in all details. I will order more in a few days. '
Juan Carlos ( Spain )

'Hello James: I have received the item a few minutes ago and I simply had to give you a spontaneous feedback. The Schirmmütze is impeccable. The craftsmanship, the details, the feel, the materials are just superb. It is an item most worthy to fulfill it's intention. By intention I mean that it will be a most valuable addition to a private museum exhibit of 'Leaders, Warriors and Conquerors in World History", which shall display as many authentic and reproduction (where absolutely inevitable), items as possible. The extensive private exhibit is aimed to portray individuals from Sargon of Akkad to Rommel who have created volumes of History as we know it. The exhibit is months away from being completed but considering the very thousands of meticulous items to be obtained or in certain cases re-created, I feel we are well on our way. Quite a few experts, historians and museum curators, from the U.S, Europe and Asia are contributing their time and expertise to this project. I shall be delighted to send photographs to you when the exhibits are completed. Rest assured Rommel's Schirmmütze shall, with a lot of other items receive top billing. Warm Regards and Respects,'
Rahul Sakhalkar ( India )

'Hi James, Items just arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase and especially these Janke trousers are truly wonderful! Thanks,'
Mikko ( Finland )

'Hi James, the fliegerblusse arrived this morning, as always everything is ok. Thanks for everything Best regards'
Marco ( Italy )

'Dear,James Brown. I got parcel from you at today.I am really satisfied with visor hat, and very happy. Thank you for good deal. I will order other item in future. Have a good day.'
Uk-Jin ( South Korea )

'Dear Mr. Brown, A few days ago, I received the M43 hat that I ordered from you. I have to say that I am quite pleased with it. The fabric and workmanship are superb. It really is a fine hat. Moreover, after a bit of wear, the fit is perfect. The manner in which it was packed for shipping effectively prevented any damage during delivery to Saudi Arabia. Thank you. Now that I am familiar with the quality of your products and service, I intend to order some other hats.'
Charles ( Saudi Arabia )

'Hi James, I have the tunic & breeches, exquisite, absolutely exquisite. I'm thinking of my next piece, don't let Michael retire before I've ordered!! Cheers, '
Steve ( Monmouth, Wales )

'Hi James, Just wanted to say thank you for my cap which arrived safely today. Very pleased, well worth the wait! Thanks again. Kind regards,'
Leon ( Birmingham, England )

'Hello Mr. Brown Just a quick note to inform you that your package has arrived today. This hat is beautiful and true to the original. I will very soon order more. Again thank you for the efficiency of your shipments. '
Guy ( France )

'Hello James, the cap has arrived today. Thank you very much. Until now, I have already bought items No. 1068, 1323 & 1513 and I have to admit that they are really all very well made and nice. It has always been very well packed, too. Thank you very much!" Best regards,'
Mitja ( Slovenia )

'Hello James, Just a quick note to let you know that the cap arrived and it is everything I expected a Janke cap to be. Outstanding! Hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you!'
John ( California, U.S.A. )

'Hello James, I received the Senior Diplomat Official's peaked cap last week. This is a really fine piece! Very rare as far as the originals are concerned. I'm very pleased with this peaked cap and my many thanks to both you and Michael for such quality work that you guys do! The next order will be the NSDAP Ortsgruppenleiter's peaked cap. Thanks again,'
Jay ( Nevada, U.S.A. )

'Hi James. WW1 Cap turned up today........ITS Excellent,well worth the wait.Tunic is depicting 73rd Prussian Fusilier Reg; Many thanks.'
John ( Kent, England )

'Hello James, I receive my M36 tunic order, I'm very happy, great quality thanks you! Please tell Michael Janke that I am very happy with the product.'
Christophe ( Rhone Alpes, France )

'Hi James, The A-SS NCO cap has just arrived and I just want to say how pleased I am with it. It is very rare that I buy reproduction items that exceed my expectations in quality and detail but this cap has blown my expectations, What a piece! I am very glad I listened to the advice of my fellow forum members to order from you and I will be highly recommending you and your products in the future. Thanks again! Regards,'
Sean ( Liverpool, England )

'Hi James Parcel arrived this morning, everything ok, as alway great items!! Talk to you soon for a new order Thank and best regards,'
Marco ( Italy )

'Hello James, Thanks for the shoulder boards. The quality is brilliant. I´m happy. Regards,'
Andreas ( Germany )

'James, Received the white-top hat and it is impressive, so may consider a blue-top Kriegsmarine cap in the Fall. Thanks again for great products and especially customer service. '
Don ( Maryland, U.S.A. )

'Hi James, Just got the eagle today in time for the wedding. Thanks so much for your help again, you are by far one of my favorite dealers to purchase from.'
Mark ( Hong Kong. )

'Hi James, Order arrived today,all excellent,many thanks and a great service. Regards'
Max ( Derbyshire, England )

'Hallo James, the week ago I recieve the visor cap at destination...beautiful object as always!! Many thank James, Best regards'
Francesco ( Italy )

'G'day James, My "Allgemeine - SS Generals peak cap" is superb, the quality of which Reinhard Heydrich would own. The fine quality and craftmanship of my new cap is of such a high standard.'
Darren ( Australia )

'Hello James .. Kepi arrived yesterday it's good quality! Very beautiful. Looking forward to receive the other 3 I have ordered.'
Tobi ( Denmark )

'Hello James! Just let You know that today I received the Cap. Thank You very much! Excellent Cap! Best wishes and greetings from Lettland!'
Janis ( Latvia )

'The cap (and wreath) arrived here this morning and I'm very impressed with both the accuracy and the quality of it - absolutely superb, and your timing couldn't have been better! I'll be in touch early in the New Year with another order for you. Regards,'
Nick ( Devon, England )

'James ,Bergmutze just arrived - truly a work of art , and , for the money , excellent . I would have called and thanked you personally , but there's no signal in town today . Best regards ,'
Steve ( Somerset, England )

'Hello James, Today, wednesday, I received all the items. All is ok ! Nice repros ! I Think I'll buy others from you. Best regards,'
Jean-Louis ( France )

'Thanks, Received the hat. It is better quality than my Erel one. Kind Regards,'
JH ( London, England )

'Hi James, Order recieved, very pleased as always, many thanks Regards,'
Stuart ( East Sussex, England )

'Ciao James, i pantaloni sono arrivati tutto ok. grazie.'
Riccardo ( Italy )

'Just to say thank you for the two mugs, I got them today, very happy with them and your service. Yours sincerely, '
Harry ( Devon, England )

'Thank you James. Arrived safe and sound - what excellent quality these are, there is no comparison in the repro market. Great stuff! All the best,'
Steve ( Monmouth, Wales )

'Hi James, Ring arrived today, its perfect. Thank you,'
James ( Michigan, U.S.A. )

'Hello James, Parcel arrived this morning, all items very nice. Soon I need to make another order. Best regards and thanks,'
Marco ( Italy )

'Hi James, The kepi you've sent is great. Regards,'
Stephan ( Germany )

'Dear James, The LW Schirmmutze arrived - Great Stuff.'
Lukasz ( Poland )

'James, The shoulder boards and tresse came in today: absolutely perfect in every way, including the tresse. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks!'
Onno ( Netherlands )

'James, Received cap, its magnificent!! I almost wish there were flaws as I am now compelled to purchase others! Again, superb quality product & service; I am contemplating which cap is next!'
Mike ( New Jersey, USA )

'Hi James, Side cap arrived yesterday. Very nice quality (as usual) and an excellent fit. Will look nice with your bullion eagle and death's head. Regards,'
Spencer ( Berkshire, England )

'Hi James, I received my cap this morning. As usual it is FIRST CLASS, a perfect fit. It came earlier than expected which only goes to show that patience is rewarded and that your service is the best. Best regards,'
Trevor ( Lancs, England )

'Hi James, Thanks for the help and great service again.'
Mark ( Hong Kong )

'Love these cap's, you make great stuff. '
Mark ( Washington, U.S.A. )

'Hy, I got the Chaplain visor cap today.It’s great ! Good quality. Regards,'
Paul ( Luxembourg )

'James, The white top A-SS Generals cap arrived, it is excellent & fits perfectly. Thank you.'
Harold ( Norway )

'Hi James, The NSDAP Jacket has arrived and quite frankly is superb, I am so impressed with the workmanship and your service James which has been first class. Regards,'
Mark ( Essex, England )

'Hi James, I have received my Pelmutze.It's very beautiful; I think it's better than the original!!!! Many thanks.'
Riccardo ( Italy )

'Hello James, and a happy new year. I have recieved the visor cap that I ordered. The Adolf Hitler cap with custom logo and interior. I'm very pleased with how it looks. It's identical with the cap Hitler uses beside his dog Blondie at Berghof. The original photo clearly show the use of a metal eagle on close up. The interior is also right on with my specs. Best regards,'
Kim ( Norway )

'I just received a parcel with my hat. It is absolutely beautiful. Took my breath away. This purchase was a pleasure, and service at the highest level. Best Regards & Merry Christmas,'
Ryszard ( Poland )

'Hello James, I received the eagle today: it's probably one of the best repro's of anything SS I have ever seen or owned! Very pleased indeed! Best regards,'
Onno ( Utrecht, Netherlands )

'Hi James, The first shipment arrived, the caps all fit beautifully! Janke definitely makes the best quality caps, period. Many thanks,'
Harold ( B. Columbia, Canada )

'Hi,Buttons arrived,perfect,many thanks. Regards,'
Max. ( Derbyshire, England )

'Hello customer service, My order Hat has arrived today. N.S.D.A.P. Leaders Peaked Cap For Reichsleitung. I would like to say the hat & cloth is Great.'
Yoshikazu ( Tokyo, Japan )

'Hi James, Awesome caps, great customer service as always. Cheers,'
Mark ( Kowloon, Hong Kong )

'Hello, My order has been received with thanks. Kind regards,'
Stephane ( Lausanne,Switzerland )

'Hi James. My Heer infantry officers cap arrived today and I am totaly delighted with it! This is the third cap I have bought from you and the high quality is always consistent.These caps are so much like the real thing it is scary (like owning an unnisued one from 1939}. Thanks again,regards'
Neil ( South Australia )

'Today I have received Army PK Officers Peaked Cap. Worderful cap,best copy,like original. Thanks again'
Leo ( Pesaro, Italy )

'Hello, I recived my badges today!They are absolutely great, over expectation!!! Till next order - My best Regards'
Peter ( Berlin, Germany )

'Hello James, I received the caps and insignia today. I'm 100% satisfied, great service! Thank you very much. Regards,'
Nicolas ( Argentina )

'Greetings James. I received the German Gebirgsjager Officer's peaked cap on Tuesday and love it!This a rare cap that is seldom ever seen in the collector's market and very glad to have one! Again, the quality is so superior and very hard to tell it from the originals.'
Jay ( Nevada, USA )

'Hi James, Cap received today, all perfect! Best Regards,'
Lorenzo ( Ravenna, Italy )

'Greetings James, I received the German Army Field Bishop's peaked cap today and this cap is quite a fine piece!! The quality is so superior. I'm quite impressed with Michael Janke's work. I Will be in touch in the coming months with the other orders. Thanks,'
Jay ( Nevada, U.S.A. )

'Hello, I have received the Kriegsmarine Kapitanleutnant Peaked Cap. What superb craftsmanship; I am extremely pleased. Also, I am pleased that I didn't have to wait that long before receving it. Thank you very much,'
Mark ( Louisville, U.S.A. )

'Mr. Brown, The hat (Army Chaplain peaked cap) arrived today. It is exquisite. Thank you,'
Bill ( West Virginia, U.S.A )

'Hi James, Thank you for your email, I received my cap this morning. It is superb. Regards, '
Trevor ( Essex, England )

'James, My Imperial German crusher cap arrived and it is beautiful, and fits perfectly. I may order a WWII German general's bergmutze since the one I own is not historically correct. Thanks again for great customer service.'
Don ( Maryland, U.S.A. )

'Hello James, I got the kepi today. You and Michael Janke do such fine quality work on these caps and kepis. They will be very hard to tell from the originals which means the quality is superior. Thanks for the best quality SS leader's kepi.'
Jay ( Nevada, U.S.A. )

'Hi James, Got the the tunic yesterday and it's great. Thanks. Best Regards'
Daniel ( Sweden )

'Hi James, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve recieved the cap, and I am very pleased with the quality. It is not just good, it is pure witchcraft, I have never seen something that is so accurate to the pictures on the websites. Well done! With kind regards,'
Randy ( Netherlands )

'Hi James, The tunic arrived today, very good items,super !!! Best regards and thanks,'
Marco ( S/Firenze, Italy )

'Hello James, The M36 tunic has arrived. Its really Extra Klasse. and the tunic fits me perfectly. I have to do some extra houres on work so I can place a new order soon!! regards,'
Mario ( Westfalen, Germany )

'Hi James, Panzer trouser arrived today, very good items, the same as the original!!! Best regard and thanks'
Marco ( Italy )

'Hi James. Generals cap arrived 9am this morning,It is beautiful! thank you very much and I think I will be giving you another order later for W&P Show. All the best.'
John ( Chatham, England )

'Hello James, I just received the NSDAP cap, It's really nice cap. Thanks Best regards,'
Kunihiko ( Tokyo, Japan )

'Hi James, Police Generals cap received today. Pleased as always, will send another order soon. Many thanks,'
Stuart ( Eastbourne, England )

'Hi James, Panzer jacket arrived today, all ok very good item. Best regards and thanks,'
Marco ( Italy )

'Good morning James, Cap arrived, absolutely exquisite, very pleased indeed. Superlative quality. My thanks and compliments. Best wishes,'
John ( North Devon, England )

'Hello James, I got the package today and the SA Kepi is a very fine piece. It looks just like the originals and of superior quaility! Happy Holidays.'
Jay ( Nevada, U.S.A. )

'Hi James, Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT Allgemeine peaked cap! Outstanding quality and service.Will definitely order again! Best regards'
Jan Axel ( Norway )

'Hi James, The cap arrived to day outstanding and I love it. I will ordrer from you from time to time, many thanks James.'
Stefan ( Reykjavik, Iceland )

'Hi James Just collected cap from the Post Office. What a beauty a lovely looking piece of headgear. Many Thanks'
Mark ( Essex, England )

'I must thank you for the sidecap - exellent craftmanship Many thanks, '
Kent ( Sweden )

'I have received the cap and NSDAP wreath. Great items. Thanks a lot! Regard, '
Yoshikazu ( Japan )

'Hi James, I hope you are well. The NSDAP cap arrived this morning – magnificent! Many thanks. Best regards'
Steve ( Monmouth, Wales )

'Hello James, The quality of the German NSDAP Reichslieter is so superior! It is a very fine piece. Please give Michael Janke this feedback. '
Jay ( Nevada, U.S.A. )

'Hi James. I received the chaplains cap today and I cannot tell you how very very pleased I am with it. The cap is a work of art. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to the arrival of the cavalry officers cap- I am sure it will be a real humdinger. Thanks again. '
Neil ( South Australia )

'Hello James, Just e-mailing to say thank you. I cant put in to words how thrilled I am It was really worth the wait. Made by the experts, this tunic is the backbone off my collection cant wait for the next one.'
Mat ( Edinburgh, Scotland )

'Hello. Order arrived today. Thank you very much,including those involved. These are very well made. And I have no need to look anywhere else for future caps & uniforms. Thank you again.'
David ( Hampshire, England )

'Hello, I just received the Wehrmacht shoulderboards I ordered. Compared to originals I have, I can\'t tell the difference. Great job and thank you so much for the quick service! I really do appreciate it and your attention to detail. Regards,'
Pat ( Oregon, USA, )

'Hello James, My tunic has arrived yesterday and it has a great quality, really nice to buy form you and many thanks for your business. Regards from Far East.'
Nicks ( Indonesia )

'Hello James, Cap arrived today. It is very wonderfull repro, made with top quality trikot. Congratulations for your work. Best regards from Italy.'
Matteo ( Italy )

'Hello James, A wonderful copy of the classic German generals schirmutz. Could easily have been sold as the genuine article. Superb craftsmanship, excellent weighty feel to it and the sizing is bang on. Would definitely recommend both the quality of the products and the service. These basically are completely authentic uniform items, except that they were made yesterday........and you are honest enough to sell them as such! Best Wishes to you and thanks again,'
Stuart ( Wiltshire, England )

'Dear James, Once again, I must thank you for my Obersts tunic. It is another perfect fit & I\'m very pleased with all of the insignia, which are of outstanding quality.'
Ron ( Surrey, England. )

'Thank you James, the cap arrived this morning – outstanding! My collection is growing nicely and I’m considering the next addition. Very best wishes for the season and I’ll come over and say hello if you’re at Stoneleigh.'
Steve ( Monmouth, Wales )

'Hi James, The cap\'s just arrived. It\'s really magnificent. It\'s a pleasure doing business with you. Regards,'
Tobias ( Germany )

'Dear James; This just to inform you, that I have received the cap today. The craftsmanship and the overall quality is simply exquisite and I´m very pleased with it ! I will give you my best recommendations at any time. Best regards'
Bøje ( Denmark )

'Dear James, Just a note of thanks for the Generals cap. I was absolutely delighted with it. It is very authentically reproduced down to the last detail. I was particularly impressed with the gilt wire piping and the shape of the cap, which is much more authentic than the other caps that I\'ve seen produced for the re-enators market. Tunic & breeches are next.'
Ron ( Surrey, England )

'James, The Visor Hat has just arrived, many thanks indeed, it\'s fantastic! Regards'
Neil ( Hants, England )

'Dear James Hi, Thanks for note and I\'m always satisfied with your great stuff and services. Regards.'
Lee ( South Korea )

'Hi James. Thanks, cap has arrived in perfect condition! Excellent quality, will do business again. best regards,'
Lasse ( Finland )

'Hi James, Just got back from a trip & my son signed for my Cap for me this is AWESOME I am so pleased with it!!! A friend will be contacting you re a order... I will be sending you another order next week. Many Thanks.'
Paul ( Lancs, England )

'Hello James, I received the \'dot\' jacket and trousers. Excellent mate! The quality and fit is great, I\'m really really happy. I can\'t believe the parcel made it here in 4 days! Thank you very much. I am now looking at one of your Waffen SS Inf/Officers peaked caps. Anyway, Thanks again Cheers.'
Paul ( USA )

'Hi, I\'m very pleased to advise that the cap has arrived today, my compliments It\'s a great hat! My best regards,'
Federico ( Italy )

'Hi James.Wow and double wow! I received my sons Gebirgsjager officers cap this morning it is magnificent and a perfect fit for him.I know that he is now hooked.Great work James many thanks and best regards.'
Trevor ( lancashire, England )

'Hello James, I have received my parcel today. Many thanks for you and M. Janke. Sepp Dietrtich model is a very nice item by Extra Klasse. I\'m happy with my cap.'
Jean-Louis ( France )

'Hi James, Received the cap yesterday. Fits like a glove. Thanks for your service. It has a nice 1940 stamp in it. Best regards,'
Joachim ( Netherlands )

'Hi James, The cap arrived yesterday, and all I can say is WOW. It\'s the dog\'s bollocks. Worth the wait and worth the money. The colour is perfect. Thanks once again.'
Chris ( Netherlands )

'Dear James: I have received today your magnific cap in very good condition. Thank You Very Much: '
Jose ( Portugal. )

'Hi James, Thank you, I received the caps this morning. Superb! As ever, I\'m delighted with my purchases from you. The service that you provide, and the quality of the products that you supply, is faultless. It\'s so rare these days that one can, without hesitation, recommend a dealer to even the most critical of customers but in your case it\'s a pleasure. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Kind regards, '
Steven ( Monmouth, Wales. )

'Hi James. Wow! another masterpiece.I received my Luftwaffe Dienstmuetze this morning,as you can tell I am very pleased with it.You and Herr Janke are an ace team.Keep up the great work,many thanks for your swift service.Best regards.'
Trevor ( lancashire, England )

'Hi James, Just emailing to say thank you for the sale of the SS winter reverable trousers last week they were great. The pattern is perfect and they were really warm , I have had the chinese ones in the past and they are nothin to these. Again thank you,'
Andrew ( Belfast, Ireland )

'Hello James. I have recieved your post. Thank you very much. It\'s best repro which i saw. I will do order again.'
Sergey ( Russia )

'Hello James, Cap received, it´s excellent, wonderfull. Thanks best regards,'
Jose ( Murcia, Spain )

'James, I received the Kriegsmarine KL visor a week and a half ago, it\'s perfect! Thank you.'
Canlin ( Florida, U.S.A. )

'Hi James, Good to meet with you also and I am very impressed with the quality of the caps.'
Paul ( Northants, England )

'Hi James, Cap received. Excellent! Many thanks again,until the next time. Best regards,'
Rick ( Kent, England )

'Hallo James, Thank you very much for the great courtesy in sending the visor cap before the reenacting show in Italy. Best regards,'
Francesco ( Italy )

'Hi James. Just receved cap ok, it is lovely very pleased ,just like the real thing, many thanks and thanks for the phone call with the up date. Will be buying from you again.'
Norman ( Manchester, England )

'I have received the NSDAP cap. Thank you for the smooth transaction. Regards,'
Yoshimazu ( Japan )

'Hi james.I received my Panzer Schirmmutze and badges this morning.Wow what a wonderful product from Herr Janke,you are both to be congratulated for such great workmanship and service.keep up the good regards,'
Trevor ( Lancashire, England )

'Hi James, I received my latest order from you this morning,boy are you a star! The Bergmutze is a perfect fit and the insignia looks original. Many thanks for your usual swift service. Best regards,'
Trevor ( lancs, England )

'Dear James, I recieved my order on Friday and everything was superb. Thank you.'
Ralph ( Bucks., England )

'Hi James, I received both caps, they fit great. I really like both of the caps, they are top notch. I will definitely refer you and do business with you again. Sincerely,'
Kirby ( Idaho,USA )

'Greetings Mr. Brown, I received the cap today and, yet again, the absolutely superb quality is so evident! Once again, it\'s a pleasure indeed to order from you such superior reproductions--my compliments!! Regards,'
John ( Beacon, USA )

'Hi James, I am now in possession of my latest order,both caps are an excellent fit and quality. Many thanks for the swift service. Best regards,'
Trevor. ( Lancashire, England )

'James, Thanks for the cap mate, arrived this morning. Even better than I expected, would recommend these caps to anyone. Cheers,'
Dave ( Telford, England )

'Hello James, I have just received hats. Thank you for the smooth transaction and prompt replies. I look forward to the chance of purchasing in the future. Kind Regards,'
Hideki ( Japan )

'Dear James. Received my order to-day. Items are perfect. Many thanks and best regards.'
Trevor ( Lancashire, England )

'Hi James, Recieved the cap today. I had been told about the quality of these caps before, but I didn't realise they were this good! I have one double 'EREL' marked repro cap, and the difference in build quality is so obvious when you handle them. The Janke cap comes closest to wartime quality of the only original cap I own. Many thanks for your speedy service. Regards, '
Steve ( Cheshire, England )

'Hello James I've received my parcel Today. The visor cap is simply wonderfull of quality. Congratulations to you and to M. Janke. Thank you very much'
Jean-Louis ( France )

'Dear James. Recived cap today thank you. Absoloutely over the moon with it! Superb product, thank you. Will place order for GENERAL OFFICER cap in new year. Once again thank you very much indeed. All the best.'
Paul ( Yorkshire, England )

'Hello James, The items are here, everything is OK, thank you very much!! Best regards from Slovenia,'
Mitja ( Slovenia )

'Hi James, Very pleased with the cap. Quality is superb. Wasn't expecting it to be maker marked, a nice suprise. Will buy again. Best wishes'
Duncan ( Glasgow, Scotland )

'James: Got it. Perfect! And wonderfully fast for a Janke product. Well done! '
Phil ( Cincinnati, U.S.A. )

'Hi James I recived your package last week and I am real satisfied with the contents, especialy the Para badge, Superb!!! Best regards.'
Ulf ( Norway )

'Dear James, Cap arrived today. Very pleased. Please pass on my thanks to Herr Janke.'
Tristan ( Australia )

'Hi James, Cap came about ten minutes ago. I must say it is a very high quality item, it could have come out of a time capsule. Many thanks,'
Kevin ( London )

'Hello there James, I just received my breeches and they are AMAZING! The quality is fantastic and they fit perfectly,thanks again. p.s. you will probably hear from me again weather it be here or back in Oz.'
Alex ( Scotland & Australia )

'Dear James, I got the hat today. I have two repro. Erel caps, which are good but this just seems even better. Very well made and as close to the real thing as I am likely to get,so thanks.'
David ( Norfolk, England )

'Hi James Many thanks for the Superb Kriegsmarine cap you sent. Im really pleased. My Regards to Herr Janke. Thanks again Best regards'
Kristian ( Norway )

'The DAK cap is trully excellent !'
John ( Lanarkshire Scotland )

'You're a Star! Best wishes, '
Paul ( Surrey, England )

'Dear Mr. Brown, I've received the cap made for me, and I must say it is truly superb! The quality of the material used, the shape,and everything else about it is quite identical to well-made originals I've seen; my compliments on beautiful workmanship. Sincerely,'
John ( U.S.A. )

'Hi James, I got the Army Para badge through which I ordered from you. Just wanted to say that it's an impressive copy - far better than the other copies of the Heer Jump Badge! Nice one sir - I will certainly be recommending your badge to anyone I know who wants one. Cheers'
Rod ( Cheshire, England )

'Dear James. The cap has arrived, I like it wery much. Thank you. Merry Chrismas.'
Walter ( Italy )

'Hi James, I collected my order today, and I must say “I’m delighted”. Thank you very much for such excellent service, and I shall be placing some more order in the near future. Regards,'
David ( Hampshire, England )

'Hi James, Cap arrived today, very pleased, a quality cap. I will be purhasing again in the near future. Thanks & Regards'
Phil ( Lincs, England )

'Dear James , Received the items . Thanks ! I will order again . Best regards,'
Speer ( Hong Kong )

'Dear James Hi, I received cap safely in last week. I appreciate great work and services. I'll order other caps soon. Thanks! Best regards.'
Lee ( South Korea )

'Hello James, I received my order this morning for the repro German WW2 Army Parartrooper badge, and very pleased i am. Yours gratefully, '
Graeme ( Essex, England )

'Hi James, Cap came this morning along with badge, I managed to sew it on OK. The quality of workmanship is absolutely outstanding. It looks more original than an original, Fantastic!'
Adrian ( Bristol, England )

'Dear James, I did get today the coat... It is a masterpiece too! Beautiful! Thanks for your help. Best regards,'
Tamas ( Hungary )

'Just got the two SS tunics today, it's all fine n cool. Thank you so much for the help.I'll be back to you soon. Best Regard'
Jim ( Taiwan )

'Dear James, I did get today my package. This is the best reproduction uniform what I ever seen! A real masterpiece! Congratulations to Herr Janke. The size is absolute perfect! I'm waiting for the overcoat. Thanks and I wish you a happy new year, regards: '
Tamas. ( Hungary )

'Hi James, Thank you for the superb pelzmutz, which arrived as promised, the quality is so good, I'm really pleased. You are right when you say "so many uniforms so little time" thanks again.'
Richard ( Kent, England )

'Hi James, Thanks for the very prompt attention and look forward to ordering from you again.'
Richard ( Kent, England )

'Dear Extra Klasse, Many thanks for the Bergmutze that I received on Tuesday. Well worth the wait. The quality of the workmanship on the cap is outstanding and the fit is excellent. Thanks once again.'
Stephen ( Leeds, England )

'Dear James, Recived items this a:m, very pleased! With thanks.'
Mel ( Bradford, England. )

'Hi James, Many thanks for the superb cap & the ring you sent is just fine. Regards,'
Robert ( Lancashire, England )

'Dear Mr Brown. Cap arrived this morning! Absoloutely 1st CLASS!!! Will be ordering again shortly, thank you. Regarding uniforms. could you supply me with cost for german officer jacket (colonel) with full insignia? (heer). Also, is it possible to obtain Luftwaffe uniforms from JANKE? All the best,'
Paul. ( Yorkshire, England )

'Hello James, Recieved cap today, exellent service as usual. Many thanks,'
David ( Birmingham, England )

'Hi James, My friend in Taiwan received the M40 Tunic and really love it. It is probable that some of my friends will order Tunics from you. I think they will contact with you. They are a group people who collect WWII German Army Uniforms. Thank you,'
Chun-Hung ( U.S.A. )

'James, The boots arrived safe and sound last week and are excellent I am very pleased with the quality and fit. I will be in touch should I decide to go for another fliegerbluse. Thank you'
Mike ( Ottawa U.S.A. )

'Hello I got my vizor today and I am extatic lol. No realy it is amazing the fabric the silver bullion cord it so soft it feel amazing. The makers sweat shield is very nice. I love it the interior fabric is very classy looking whith its dark amber color. I can just imagine the offcier going in to the shop in my mind. Im very happy whith it yeah. Definetly gona ask you for more I will need a m43 and a crusher to and tunic and pants and all sort stuff. Will make you my personal suplier. I will get back whith you for more. Oh and a side cap to.'
Niklas ( Finland )

'Hello James Recieved cap today.Exellent,1st class service ,will be back for more in future. many thanks,'
David ( Birmingham England )

'Dear James. Thank you, received cap this morning (FANTASTIC!) Will be ordering again shortly, Thank you once again & All the best.'
Paul ( Yorkshire, England )

'Hello James, Recieved cap today,exellent,thank you very much. Regards,'
David ( Birmingham, England )

'Hello James, Just to drop you a line saying thanks very much for the pith helmet shields. Looks very good on my display. Thanks again,'
Clive ( West Sussex, England )

'Hi James, The cap is a real much so, that I would like to order a tunic and breeches to match. Could you please send me a size chart? Many thanks,'
Bob ( Herts. England) )

'Hi James, Received my Gebirgsjager insignia today, very impressed with the quality. It is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much for the fast shipping, I was not expecting it until at least next week. Look forward to future trade!'
Ian ( New Zealand )

'Got the boots today thanks, they are great keep it up.'
Joe ( England )

'The cap arrived as scheduled today. Brilliant piece of work. I find there are original items, reproduction items and museum quality in between. Yours is definitely museum quality so thank you very much. Nice to see transport represented too for once. Need to source some shoulder boards and collar patches for transport next for early M36 tunic. Thanks again. '
Tim ( England. )

'I would like to inform you that I received the helmet cover today. I can only say that it is the best replica of late war SS helmet cover I had ever seen. Belive me I know what I am talking about, since I saw an original in museum not long ago. The only difference is age in wear of original. I am hopeing that in future you will be stocked with helmet covers in Wehrmacht patterns of camouflage.'
Dejan ( Slovenia )

'I received the FJ jump boots today very well. They are really great! Thanks again.'
Yun ( South Korea )

'I just received my order from you yesterday; SUPERB MANY thanks, and I will be ordering again from you in the future. My warmest regards.'
Peter ( U.S.A )

'"Ta, James. Just a note to say thanks for the supply of the panzer jacket and the crusher cap. I found both to be of excellent quality. The cap is wearing in well! thanks again, :………'
Keith ( Northern Ireland )

'"Please find enclosed, full payment for my new order. Many thanks on a wonderful service. "'
Lee ( Wales )

'\"Received goods today, very pleased with them, thank you. I would now like to order :………'
Anthony ( England )

'"The parcel is well receipted. Assault gunners trouser & Panzer cap is fantastic. Big order coming soon. Best wishes to later,"'
Sylvain ( France )

'"Thanks a lot for the German flying jacket. It is a really good job! I like the jacket very much and it fits perfectly. Please let the man who made it know that he has done a good job. Hopefully we meet again some day."'
Alexander ( Netherlands )

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